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Rentaski AG renames itself swissrent group AG

Photos: © SQ Photoart
März 16, 2020

DAVOS, GR. KTC, ‘the’ performance outerwear manufacturer since 1971, becomes a shareholder of the Davos outdoor equipment rental pioneer founded over three decades ago, and together rename the company swissrent group AG creating a new, unique mix of experience and innovation.

More than 30 years ago, Rentaski AG pioneered the professional marketing of winter sports rental equipment in Switzerland. Over the last few years, this expanded to year-round outdoor sports, with a growing network of local partners spread throughout the most beautiful parts of Switzerland. The focus was always on enabling individual outdoor sports adventures and experiences of the customers, with a sharp focus on top-quality equipment, champion service, and convenience.

Sustainable and innovative

“swissrent presents a really unique opportunity for KTC” said Gerhard Flatz, Managing Director of KTC and Chairman of its Swiss showcase brand, Mountain Force. “The rental market presents new possibilities in garment life cycle and sustainability, as KTC researches and develops the path towards a circular economy and coming on board with swissrent helps complete the link.”

KTC was incorporated in Hong Kong, in June of 1971. The idea was to supply garments of the highest quality to brands in Europe, the USA, and Japan. In 1973 KTC became the exclusive supplier to Adidas, then still a family business, for garments made in Hong Kong, Thailand, and China. In 1981 Heshan Rondor Garments Limited a garment factory in Heshan City, Guangdong, China, producing rainwear for Adidas was established. KTC then expanded into the manufacture of skiwear, outerwear, and sportswear. In 2011 KTC purchased the bespoke Swiss clothing brand Mountain Force.

For consumers and dealers

“We are really proud and excited to have KTC on board as active shareholders”, said Chris Ongarello, Board Member and CEO of swissrent group AG. “Especially because such an innovative and transparent company with a close to 50-year heritage believes in us and the way we are shaping our future.”

“Being able to conveniently offer the best outdoor rental equipment on the market” is the continued philosophy of swissrent. This is not only achieved through swissrent’s years of knowledge and know-how in the industry, but also via its modern and innovative rental platform, Online and in the swissrent-App, or through its unique reward system mountainmiles, now with ‘connect with Strava’ functionality through to its classic EasyAbo vouchers.

In addition, there are close and fruitful collaborations with long-standing partners such as ÖKK, Swiss Tourism, Ticketcorner, and numerous location hotels.

However, swissrent is not only the ideal partner for consumers, but also for local sports dealers. The company not only offers its partners an innovative platform and Content Management System, but also an industry exclusive system contract for rental equipment purchase, and hassle-free disposal over a 3-year term. Add to this marketing services and support (both Digital and Analog), frequency generation via our cooperation partners, billing services, and a 24/7 support hotline for dealers and consumers.

Find out more at www.swissrent.com