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Tracking the last of the Winter “mountainmiles”

Foto: © Rentaski AG
März 15, 2017

Enjoy the last days of the season with the best rental equipment from swissrent. Thanks to the „mountainmiles“ tracking system, you will be rewarded twice.

Would you like the last, permanent winter sports experience of the year? With the rental equipment from swissrent, you are more than well equipped for and thanks to the „mountainmiles“ tracking system, benefit twice over – of course also into the summer.

Winter is coming to an end. All the more reason to enjoy the few remaining, wonderful, spring days on the perfectly groomed Swiss ski slopes. For example with the right mountain sports rental equipment from swissrent. You benefit twice. Because there is still enough time through your order to collect the last winter „mountainmiles“ using the unique tracking system from swissrent. Simply open a swissrent account and off you go. Introduced this season the swissrent tracking system has more than just proven itself.

swissrent customers have collected thousands of „mountainmiles“ in the past few months. And thousands of „mountainmiles“ have already been redeemed in the form of discounts in the swissrent shops.

A success story that will continue even after the winter season. Because swissrent is not just the ideal partner when it comes to rental equipment in the winter. We are the right choice for friends of various outdoor activities all year round. And, of course, you can also diligently collect and redeem your very own „mountainmiles“ in the summer months while biking, hiking, or otherwise.

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