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Why we rebuilt swissrent.com from the bottom up.

Photo: © swissrent group AG
November 13, 2018

swissrent was one of the first rental companies in Switzerland to have an online platform, and while we have continued to show year over year growth in terms of online booking volume and site visitation, our conversion rate has slowed.

We needed to take a hard and honest look at ourselves. Were we really delivering on our promise and convenience? Well yes and no.

While the swissrent site was current in terms of functionality, our promise of convenience in rental was slightly broken. We also received some critical negative feedback from a couple of our very important cooperation partners; complaining that the site’s rental process was cumbersome and illogical. Not really the words any long-established rental brand enjoys hearing…

…but we can’t thank our partners enough for telling us how it is.

So we went back to the drawing board and decided to rebuild our site from the bottom up. With new UI suggestions and rental/purchase process business rule changes from our expert friends at Swiss Tourism, we set about delivering on our promise.

We set the following focus points as our foundation:

quick step process of renting through a rebuilt equipment category and filter system; so our clients can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
clearer and bolder user interface with captivating images and animations to entice and guide the user.
rental options via equipment or location choice.
dynamic cart-based shopping experience with drag and drop equipment-to-person assignment
focus on the user
We decided to use the material design framework to help speed up our frontend development so we could move fast and efficiently while rebuilding the backend infrastructure to support our new system.

We are pleased to announce that the new site is ‚live‘ as of today. So pop on in and take a look, and don’t feel bad about letting us know if you see a clear way to improve our new site. We will continue to evolve swissrent’s Online Platform to focus on the most important people around. You!

We are going to be adding more features and functionality over the next month so be sure to check in regularly.