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When moving is rewarded

Foto: © swissrent
Dezember 9, 2016

A look at swissrent’s „mountainmiles“ concept.
As a marketing manager, you always have to look for new ways forward. Innovation is key in today’s market especially when you are working with a company that has been a marketing innovator in its industry for almost 3 decades.

As a pioneer in the field of sports equipment rental, the Davos company swissrent has played a pioneering role for more than 25 years. We just launched its new app and the „mountainmiles“ tracking program. Here the user converts their activity into miles and benefits from discounts in the various swissrent shops. This is a move away from the usual, old-established discount principle, towards an active, individual bonus system. The motto is: Move, collect, redeem (and profit). As soon as the customer opens a ‘my swissrent’ account, their activity can be recorded. Whether for skiing and snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biking, hiking, tobogganing, or anything else. The more kilometers traveled, the more „mountainmiles“ collected and thus the chance to reduce costs on their next rental purchase.

Where the system gets even more interesting is in the bonus factor for being at elevation and/or for being within the boundaries of a swissrent location. The tracking factors in a percentage value (100% being @ 4,634m – the elevation of Switzerland’s highest peak, the Duforspitze) of the current elevation and applies this to the miles. So the higher a user is the more he/she is rewarded. Hence “mountainmiles“!

The location bonus draws a 10km radius around any of swissrent’s 60 dealer locations and when the user is inbounds a multiplier is also factored into the miles calculation.

Of course, the individual tracking system is not the only added value available in the new app. For example, it is also possible to order rental equipment for your next mountain adventure with just a few clicks on a smartphone and then be able to pick up at one of the 60 swissrent locations in the Swiss Alps. Likewise, the app provides customers with various information about the individual regions, enriched with interesting insider tips from our swissrent Service-Champions and, of course, a lift ticket can also be easily and conveniently accessed via the app and loaded directly onto the swissrent Skicard.

As mentioned above: to be innovative and have the courage to go new ways are central points in my work as a marketing manager. It is all the more wonderful if you can use these attributes for a company that, like swissrent, is committed to offering its customers individual experiences as conveniently, directly, and comfortably as possible.

More Information can be found here: http://www.swissrentapp.com