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The philosophy behind swissrent’s pricing.

Image: © swissrent group AG
Januar 23, 2019

Over the last couple of years swissrent made a bold decision to wave a red flag at the discount pricing wars. It was a risky move but we didn’t want to be classified as a discounter and enter into a never ending spiral of cheapening our brand and services to the point of no return. We also wanted to build trust and cohesion with our long term client base and create more transparency to our offering.

There are other online equipment rental platforms out there whose selling point is price but after it’s all said and done the ‚final‘ price of our competitors doesn’t vary greatly from ours, and our swissrent dealers benefit from better returns.

We decided to focus our efforts on features and benefits that separate us from our competitors. While remaining very fair on price we have spent countless hours developing how we deliver and package ourselves.

Take for example our complete rebuild of how one rents equipment online. With our ‚equipment first‘ mentality, customers can find quickly and easily just what is needed for their personal outdoor adventure and attach it to their destination of choice in 2 clicks. Enter dates, login or continue as a guest, drag and drop the equipment to assign it to a person, and checkout. Be inspired, select and enjoy. That’s it!

But we didn’t stop there. We also developed a new ‚packages‘ product that takes your outdoor adventure to another level by offering accommodation/board, lift ticket and rental equipment.

That’s not to say we don’t have so called spontaneous happy hours. We do offer small discounts to our customers and cooperation partners. Of course by putting your trust in swissrent and as a ‚my swissrent‘ account member you automatically join our tracking and scanning rewards program ‚mountainmiles‘ where you can collect and redeem miles against your next rental.

Our premium is in our convenience
Our clear and simple booking process, our #comeasyouare mentality, coupled with the new ‚packages‘ products, allow you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor adventure in one of our convenient locations throughout the most beautiful parts of Switzerland, and less time organising it,

In the coming weeks we will take our convenience premium to greater heights, and I can’t wait to share that with you all soon.