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swissrent-Challenges: the all-new, all-inclusive adventure product for outdoor lovers.

Photos: © SQ Photoart
Juni 3, 2019

Today we at swissrent our proud to introduce swissrent-Challenges. Our take on an in-inclusive outdoor adventure product; including travel, transfers, rental equipment, and the Challenge itself.

To aim of the Challenge(s) is to simply scan all the QR codes along the challenge route with the swissrent-App. The motto – compete against yourself. Each completed scan adds a 20-mile credit to your mountainmiles account, and the completed challenge (scans) earns you a challenge badge you can use to redeem your Goody-Bag upon your return, as well as entering you into a prize draw at the end of the season.

We are kicking it off with the Dave Kilshaw’s Calanda Challenge – based on our latest short film ‚From Crosshills to Calanda‘ with swissrent ‚Experiencer‘ Dave Kilshaw. The bike oriented Challenge offers a unique mix of adventure, nature (awe-inspiring views), and lots of fun; and a bit of sweat! Simply scan all the QR codes (6 in total) along the route from our swissrent Service-Champion Bike4Fun in Zizers(Landquart) up to the Calanda Hut at more than 2000 meters above sea level to complete.

There are 3 Challenge Product levels on offer:

The ‚All-in‘: SBB Promo codes (CHF 30.- credit) for travel to and from Landquart, Transfers, Rental Equipment (Mountainbike or E-Mountainbike) and the Challenge
The ‚Half-in‘: Rental Equipment(Mountainbike or E-Mountainbike) and the Challenge
The ‚Local‘: Just the Challenge itself!
This challenge can be tackled individually as well as in groups. Likewise, it is also is up to the individual whether or not they want to share their summit assault time with other Challenge participants via a Strava segment.

Watch the Challenge Spot below 🙂

Without the help of some great Cooperation partners, ‚this‘ Challenge would never have the left the pages of the swissrent-Ideas sketchbook. A huge thank you to the following: Bike4Fun, ÖKK, simpla, Switzerland Tourism, SBB, TSG and the Haldenstein Council.

Registrations are now open online, in the newly redesigned swissrent Website, or in our newly released Version 3.0 swissrent-App.

Are you up to the challenge?