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Summer, storytelling & more. The next chapter for swissrent.

Foto: © sw-photoart
Mai 25, 2018

Since 1989 swissrent has exclusively been attached to winter sports rental in the mountains. But as the industry changes as well as global weather patterns we are moving our focus to an all-year-round, outdoor mentality. Over the last 2 years we have invested a lot of time and money into developing modern tools to make it even more convenient for our guests to enjoy their very own outdoor sports adventure; from our swissrent-App to our Tracking and Scanning rewards System mountainmiles.

Now we are pleased to announce our move into the Summer market by acquiring competent bike dealers into our ever growing network.

Although slightly nerve wracking this is also exciting on many fronts, but as a marketer it will surely be nice to be present in an ever competitive market all year round and no longer have to go into a self imposed ‚Summer hibernation‘.

In locations such as Brigels (Sport Beat), Davos (Bike Academy), Flims (Sport Beat), Klosters (H.Obrist GmbH), Le Chable (Happy Sports), Verbier (Backside) and Zizers (Bike4Fun) we have already welcomed new partners into our network; with several more on the way.

Coinciding with the explosion of the E-Bike market we are pleased to be able to offer families and individuals the chance to ‚come as they are‘ to our swissrent Bike destinations.

Additionally with our expansion into the Summer market we have also decided to further expand our storytelling team.

Firstly at the end of the Summer will we release our first short film. Edited by Swiss film maker O’Neil Bürgi www.oneilbuergi.com, and in conjunction with Arosa Tourism, Arosa Bergbahnen, Battere, Red Bull Media House, SBB, Swiss Airlines, Swiss Tourism and TSG. This film will go to another level of authenticity not often seen in the industry. We are quite excited to say the least!

Secondly we have contracted Schwarz Weiss Photoart www.sw-photoart.ch to help us build an authentic image archive with a creative and artistic flair. This helps us add a new level of emotion to our storytelling and assist in transporting the user experience with swissrent from our tools and products, to meeting our local swissrent Service-Champions, to the pinnacle of actually enjoying the outdoor sports experience itself. Each photo becomes it’s own standalone story.

Thirdly putting all the pieces together is our current Copywriter and Social Media manager Franco Brunner www.francobrunner.ch. A picture tells a thousand words but we also need the thousand words (or less in most cases). Franco has an uncanny knack of putting all of our crazy ideas into short written form that can be easily and quickly understood.

On top of all this we are developing new products, services and content with our Cooperation Partners to approach and captivate new markets here in Switzerland and abroad.

I look forward to sharing more with you all soon.