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mountainmiles version 2.0

Foto: © sw-photoart
Januar 31, 2018

The results have been amazing since we launched the mountainmiles tracking and scanning rewards system on the swissrent platform in December of 2016. Our registered accounts have grown fourfold in the space of 13 months and this growth has helped improve bookings in our App double, and our guests are redeeming mountainmiles 40% of the time when they book either online or in the newly designed swissrent-App 2.0.

But this is not a chance to rest on our laurels but instead push the concept to the next level.

Enter QR-Codes stage right!

Version 2.0 of our mountainmiles program now includes QR-Code scanning at an authorised ’swissrent Scan-Point‘; currently only available to our many swissrent dealers scattered throughout the most beautiful mountain regions in Switzerland.

Scan the respective QR code via the swissrent App’s built in scanner and immediately benefit from rewards such as an in store credit, a shop gift, a discount offer or additional mountainmiles which are immediately credited to your account.

It couldn’t be Easier. Simply: Enter, scan and redeem.

Attached to this we have built out our swissrent dealer CMS so they can login in at their leisure and design and update their shops Scan-Point at will. From there they can simply download a built-on-the-fly pre-designed PDF ready for scanning, for display at their POS (image above).

The QR-Code concept will be further built out in the coming months offering various digital products, gamification, leaderboards as well as new and exciting ways in discovering contextual related content during your personal mountain adventure.

More infomation here: swissrentapp.com