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Johnson’s Swiss Dream

Photos: © SQ Photoart
September 19, 2018

Almost 12 months ago to the day, swissrent attended the WWSE (World Winter Sports Expo) here in Beijing. Our goal was to get acclimated to the Chinese Ski Industry and explore where there might be potential to enter the market here.

During the conference, I met Xhongzing Xu (a.k.a Johnson); well known in Switzerland for his appearance in the SRF ‚Bi da Lüt‘ Skilehrer series in Grindelwald.

Johnson was extremely sympathetic and we kicked off a friendship whereby the end of the 4-day conference we made plans to work together in some capacity.

Today that initial idea has taken shape in the form of our first Short Film: ‚Johnson’s Swiss Dream‘ which premieres today here in Beijing.

When dreams come true
From the middle of Beijing to skiing in the Swiss mountains – without much effort, without much planning. swissrent’s short film „Johnson’s Swiss Dream“ shows just how easy it is.

Johnson’s Swiss Dream

We saw a clear gap in the way people were marketing to the Chinese public and wanted to be able to show them just how easy it is to travel to Switzerland for the ‚Original Alpine Experience‘.

The film was also a chance to further strengthen our storytelling capability and bring a reality and emotion to our ever-developing brand, with the focus primarily on customer convenience; a theme engrained in swissrent’s brand for the last 2 years.

Not only has the film brought a modern element of storytelling to swissrent but also helped realise an entirely new revenue stream in the form of ’swissrent-Packages‘; because after we finished editing we realised we could build a great product offering around the story we were telling.

Follow in the footsteps of Johnson
Want to follow in the footsteps of Johnson? No problem, swissrent makes it possible. The ‚Follow in the footsteps of Johnson‘ package includes Hotel stay (with Breakfast or half-board), lift ticket and All-Inclusive ski equipment (Skis, Boots, Clothing, and Helmet).

So what started out as an idea to create something together with Johnson for the Chinese market grew into a new business stream, brought in an additional swissrent partner model (hotels) – which in turn has led to a more intimate and engaging sales channel for swissrent’s Products.

Many of our current dealers already have great long-lasting relationships with local hotels so it is a natural complement to our brand. We have already acquired several hotels in key destinations and are currently working on an array of packages to suit every type of skier with every type of budget.

But why stop there! We have already scripted and planned our second short film which we will shoot next month in, and high above, the Rhine valley on 2 wheels 😉

Look forward to sharing more soon!