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May 25, 2018

Summer, storytelling & more. The next chapter for swissrent.

Since 1989 swissrent has exclusively been attached to winter sports rental in the mountains.

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January 31, 2018

mountainmiles version 2.0

The results have been amazing since we launched the mountainmiles tracking and scanning rewards system on the swissrent platform in December of 2016.

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December 18, 2017

The swissrent Recharge Lounge

Refresh. Energize. Inspire.

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November 21, 2017

swissrent goes International

swissrent’s focus on convenience and a commitment to broadening our audience has led to expanding our language set to include Chinese and Italian.

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September 19, 2017

Taking the swissrent brand to China

Since I came into swissrent as Director of Marketing & Communications in 2014, I was always curious about taking the brand international.

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December 9, 2016

When moving is rewarded

A look at swissrent’s “mountainmiles” concept